Camp Buddy v2.3 (Final Version) Download for Android/Windows

About Camp Buddy

Download Camp Buddy APK for Android and Windows + Walkthrough.
Camp Buddy is a Boys Love / Yaoi Visual Novel that features the adventures of Keitaro Nagame in the summer scout-themed camp called 'Camp Buddy'. At Camp Buddy, Keitaro along with his childhood friend, meets his fellow campers, each of them having distinct personalities and stories to be told. Keitaro has also yet to discover the dividedness among the campers that threatens the camp to close down. It's up to Keitaro to unite the campers once again and make Camp Buddy a great place to be for everyone. Help Keitaro with his decisions and create a special bond with your chosen partner. Take the chance and make the greatest memories.
DLC - There are tons of new and exciting features for all of the routes, as well as a new, highly detailed secret romance route for the game’s villain, Taiga!

What's New


New Features:
Taiga Route Massage Sex, Perfect Sex, Costume Sex Animations added.
Added idle orgasm animations to all animated sex scenes in order to portray the scenes better.
Autoplay feature has been added.
Voice line playback feature has been added.
Taiga Route sidequest ending voiced scenes added.
Skip Tutorial button has been added to the Foreplay Minigame.
Added heart icon to indicate whose turn it is in the Foreplay Minigame.
Added naked sprites for Eduard, Lee and Naoto to the Dressing Room.
Added Dungeon Boss to Music Player.
Mute audio feature has been added.
Updates / Bug Fixes:
Over 7,000 Sprite Poses, Facial & Voice Cues, positions, transitions and more have been remastered for all routes to portray the scenes better.
Animations have been remastered in 1080p and run smoother.
Save/Load Screen lag has been resolved.
Skip button in Foreplay Minigame now works. (Please be warned: Skipping the minigame will skip the following sex scene)
Audio Volume and Quality has been balanced in all routes.
Grammar fixes have been applied to all routes, as well as in other interfaces.
Taiga’s Shower Scene Images now properly appear in
Hiro’s & Yoichi’s beach foreplay animated scenes now properly appear in Gallery.
Yoichi’s Costume sprite has been updated.
Updated various Scene Images to include Hiro’s hairpin, Yoichi’s scars, and Keitaro’s bandages.
Updated Chat Log box.
Properly aligned quick menu buttons.
Control (CTRL) button no longer causes skipping.
Updated Mini Image backdrop to fit the screen properly.
Updated various Mini Images.
Yoshinori Sidequest Mini Image from Taiga’s route is now included in Mini Gallery.
Some Mini Images that cannot be unlocked from gameplay are removed from Mini Gallery.
Renamed various Scene Images and Mini Images.
Removed soundtrack duplicates in Music Player.
Kieran’s Character Profile has been updated.
Few characters’ dialogues have been re-executed in certain routes.
General UI improvements.
Knox’s cameo has replaced Rayne on Hunter’s route.
Developer mode has been disabled.

Game Info

Release Date: 2020-06-25
Censored: No
Version: 2.3
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

How to Install Camp Buddy

  • Download this game from our website post or RENPY ZONE
  • After downloading the game file choose any of your device file manager app or you can download ZArchiver app it's very helpful to extract zip files or install apk.
  • Install the APK file.
  • Important: If your android device doesn't let you install the APK file then simply go to your setting and search or find the Unknown Sources setting then turn it on.
  • Now you can play without any error and can enjoy your game.
Windows, Mac, Linux
  • After downloading the main game file zip, you can see it's in zip format.
  • Just simply unzip it and find the .exe game file icon in your folder then run it.
  • Now you can and enjoy your game without any issues.
  • Note: If you are still facing issues download or game installing related then you can contact us anytime, are always here for your help :)
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Support Developer: Mikkoukun  Patreon
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Camp Buddy Download Links:

Version: Camp Buddy v2.3 Final

Download Camp Buddy Walkthrough PDF guide

Camp Buddy Game Features

Seven Potential Character Routes [4 Main Routes, 1 Secret Route and 2 Expansion Routes].
Over 160 scenes, 22 of them animated.
Original soundtrack featuring 25 compositions.
Fully voiced cut scenes.

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Camp Buddy Gameplay


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to use cheats in Camp Buddy?
Note: You can only use cheat in RPG Maker games with this method it's not gonna work for Ren'Py Games.
For Windows find your save data game file in your game file location / for Android you can find it on your file manager location Android/data then your game name file.
After finding your RPGM save game data file, Upload it on
With help of this website, you can easily change your game points, money, skills, and some default variables.
Use cheats

Camp Buddy Android touch gestures

Ren'py games touch gestures on Android devices.
  • Swipe down to activate or hide UI elements on the screen.
  • Swipe left for rollback.
  • Swipe right for starts skipping of text.
  • Swipe 2x left or right to open the game menu.
  • Swipe up or down to toggle a window with memory usage information.
RPG Maker (RPGM) games touch gestures on Android devices.
  • Double-tap on the screen to open game menus, UI, or options.
  • Double-tap on the screen again to go back too.
  • Single tap for choosing items and interactive texts.
  • Single tap for moving Main Character (MC) around the map.

What's the minimum system requirement of Camp Buddy?

  • Storage: 4-10 GB
  • Ram: 4GB
  • Processor: Mali, Adreno, PowerVR
  • Os Version: 9.0+
Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Storage: 4-10 GB
  • Ram: 4GB
  • Processor: i3 8th Gen, or More
  • Os Version: Windows 7, Windows 10, or macOS Sierra
You can play this game without any issue if your device meets the minimum system requirement given above.

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